Monday, December 12, 2016



and I'm sick...

Had band banquet last night, I felt a little awkward in a long dress but it was pretty chill because I didn't have to shave my legs. I went with my best friend Erich. We went to his house probably two hours before the banquet started and his mom was kind enough to take pictures :). The roads turned to crap about the same time we left his house, so we took his dad's suburban.

Banquet was pretty cool, it was longer than i wanted but the video was really funny! Shout out to media staff for a great job! After banquet I went to steak 'n shake with Meredith, Brontë and Erin. This was my second dinner for the night and I stayed on track with my strict diet of carbs and cheese... lol Grilled cheese with cheesy fries! But the best part was on the way out. Keep in mind that on the way in we saw two workers preparing to shovel snow for a solid 10 minutes... as we walked out we realized that the snow is still there...unshoveled... so we followed meredith's footsteps in a duckling trail, which I got tired of after 10 feet and decided I've had enough of this and decided to jump off the curb, over a snow bank and into the parking lot. Which then resulted in a full blown disaster. I jumped, landed on my right foot, collapsed, and fall onto my knees, scraping them. I looked like a drunk but I was completely sober!

Finals are eh... I definitely got sick from going home this weekend and now I am taking these huge tests, deciding my future while I'm sniffling and coughing all over it. I took my first exam this morning at 10:15. I woke up at 9 made coffee and breakfast to go and set up shop in a really warm room in Dunbar to study for a few minutes and review so that maybe I won't fail as bad.

During the final I felt pretty good about the first 5-7 pages, because they're all review over things like ser and estar and past tense but when it came to Present perfect subjunctive vs. present perfect indicative.... AND I had to make up my own sentences to complete the idea... I was out. I semi gave up after that.

PS: I really haven't practiced a lot lately.. I have a lesson tomorrow