Friday, November 11, 2016

I did a lot of adulting today!

I slept in a little which was amazing! I woke up around 8 and had coffee and plenty of time to be lazy with getting around and deciding what to wear, I even washed my face AND brushed my teeth! (usually the tooth brushing happens at dalton once I get there, approx 5 minutes before rehearsal begins lol). We didn't have rehearsal this morning and it was amazing, don't get me wrong; I love playing in this quintet and I love all of the young women it is made up of but it's really amazing not having to wake up at 6:55, catch the bus by 7:28 and get to rehearsal by 7:45 to brush my teeth.

I walked to class today and it was quite refreshing, at the time I was walking it didn't seem so.. I was hot and in a rush.. for no reason. I got there early early so I went to the library to print off my spanish paper (which I'm hoping for an A on because I put in a lot of work) I also was extra productive and printed off drill for the evening marching band rehearsal.

I had rehearsal in the recital hall at 10 with my accompanist. I felt really cool because I had to check out a key and then for an hour I had a key to the largest most beautiful room in Dalton and it really did feel like I had all the power in the world. Rehearsal went well, we're waiting for Dr. Rose in our next rehearsal to judge how balance is out in the audience, but things sounded well and they were expressive, the best part is that it took roughly 15 minutes. That was awesome.

Then I met up with my friend Erich, like I do every Monday Wednesday Friday before spanish to go over the homework and make sure it's not entirely wrong. Spanish went well, I now understand subjunctive vs imperfect bot preterite and present.

Then I met up with a really good friend of mine named Brontë, yes named after the famous author. We had lunch at the burnhams with some other flutes and then we went to her physical therapy appointment because right after... WE WENT TO DONATE BLOOD!

It was super chill and I'm really happy I did it. It was my first time and tbh I was really afraid about the finger prick, because ya know... I play bassoon and I need my finger tips. But it wasn't bad!

But then we went straight to marching band rehearsal... we were kind of worried about that but that also went well. I mean minus a really sore arm...

Then I went to dinner with Brontë and after went to play some broomball with Erich and the college of Aviation... which I am definitely not a part of.

That's all folks!

I didn't practice today (at least my bassoon...)


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