Friday, November 11, 2016



So I did end up having to resign my contract because there were too many conflicts with concert band concerts (for a grade) and large competitions like regionals. I was really sad about it so I called my third mom Halle Hoover because my other two were together doing painting things... and she really helped, plus I miss her like crazy! I used to see her 24/7 on tour and then poof its over.. double sad. But then my sadness turned into some anger because I was angry that I didn't figure this out before things went south. So I went with a friend, Noah to the Seeley center (the indoor turf field) and threw a lot of really high things on rifle.. I totally didn't catch them all :D but then I came up with this insane plan to get really good at it all and practice all the time then go big or go home and audition for world next year and spin with Halle and then we'll go to Phantom because we're both strong in dance and its super chill there and then Noah said no the guard caption heads left and took the whole Phantomette thing with them which is super sad.

Fast Forward a day and I borrowed a sabre from a friend on Bronco guard, Kendal. I had a nightmare that night that I was stupid and threw something high (mind you that this sabre has none of the plastic protective tips or hilt covers) and I under rotated this toss and it came down and through my foot into the turf and I started crying in front of Noah which is embarrassing because I'm only emotional around my family and he was like "what the heck is wrong with you" because his back was to me when I started breaking down and then he look and was like wtf.. so we called an ambulance and had to cut the sabre in half for some reason and then I called kendall crying because the night I got it she told me to take really good care of it and I had to tell her I was stupid enough to get it through my foot and that I had to cut it in half to get it out.

Obviously this whole thing really took a tole on me...

No I haven't practiced any more than the last blog I made tonight about 10 minutes ago...


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